Honda XR 600

The XR 600 was used in Baja races. It was introduced in 1985, and was updated in 1988 when the original dual progressively opening carburetors were replaced with a larger single carburetor and the rear brake was updated to a disc. The 600 was updated again in 1992. Its engine was very similar to the XR 400 and XR 250 engines, (though larger and heavier). 600’s responded well to modification. A common modification was to bore the cylinder to 100mm thereby increasing displacement to 628cc. HRC produced a “Power Up” kit that included a billet 100mm piston, a revised primary gear ratio (identical to that used later in the XR650L) and a hotter camshaft. XR600R’s so modified were used by the Honda race team in Baja, as well as by many other desert racers.

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