Kawasaki KMX

Kawasaki KMX is a series of two-stroke motocross and enduro motorcycles produced by Kawasaki between 1983 and 2003. The KMX models were developed for off-road racing and featured lightweight frames, powerful engines, and long-travel suspension systems.

The first KMX model, the KMX125, was introduced in 1986 and was powered by a liquid-cooled, two-stroke single-cylinder engine. In 1988, Kawasaki added the KMX200 to the lineup, which was also powered by a two-stroke engine but had a larger displacement than the KMX125.

In 1991, the KMX125 was redesigned and featured a new frame, swingarm, and suspension system. The KMX200 also received a redesign in 1991, including a new engine with revised port timing and a larger carburetor.

The final iteration of the KMX series, the KMX125R, was introduced in 2002 and featured a redesigned engine with improved power delivery and reduced emissions. However, production of the KMX series was ultimately discontinued in 2003.

Overall, the Kawasaki KMX series was known for its agility, durability, and affordability, and remains a popular choice for off-road riders and collectors.

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